sunday afternoon snackin’

today i made the girls (and myself) a delish treat… we named them easypeasysuperyummy nutella bites.  i have made something similar to these in the past and each time i’ve  changed the shape, the ingredients, etc.  today’s version is our favorite!

don’t hate me if you can’t stop eating them…

1. ingredients: crescent rolls, nutella,  sugar and cinnamon

2. preheat oven to 375. (and, yes, that is chef boyardee on the stove knob)

3.take 2 crescent roll triangles and press seam together to form a rectangle.

4. spread nutella evenly over the dough.

5-6. roll the dough up, starting on the longest side to form a log.

7. slice the log into bite size pieces.

8. in a small bowl, mix sugar and cinnamon (i did about 3/4 c. sugar and several shakes of cinnamon and had plenty left over.)

9. take one of the cut pieces of dough and pinch the edges just a little.

10. roll in the  sugar mixture.

11. place on a cookie sheet.

word of advice: do not follow times on the package or you will have easypeasyburned nutella bites.

bake about 8-10 minutes, depending on your oven.

more words of advice: i would check on them at 8 minutes, sooner if you made really small bites.  also, it would be a good idea to dispose the bowl of the sugar mixture because your children may get spoons and start eating the sugar and your toddler may use her stool to stand on and see what her sisters are doing. then your toddler may grab the bowl of sugar mixture, put it up to her mouth and dump the whole thing out on herself and the floor…all happening during the ONE minute you were in the bathroom. hypothetically, of  course.


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